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Frontal Report is your go-to source for daily world news. We are the largest international news network, providing breaking news and information about world news, politics, business, entertainment, and sports. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality and independent news media.

Our journalists are always at the forefront to make sure the latest news will be delivered to our readers. Frontal News reports breaking headlines linking to news websites all around the world including commentary and analysis from an experienced team of editors and columnists.

Frontal Report is an emerging leader in all forms of media. We aim to be the leading news brand for readers around the world.

Weather, 20 December
Houston Weather

High: +11° Low: -2°

Humidity: 83%

Wind: NNE - 7 KPH

Canberra Weather

High: +27° Low: +17°

Humidity: 87%

Wind: W - 20 KPH

Roissy-en-France Weather

High: +6° Low: -5°

Humidity: 87%

Wind: ENE - 7 KPH

Florence Weather

High: +9° Low: +6°

Humidity: 97%

Wind: ENE - 17 KPH

Parga Weather

High: +16° Low: +4°

Humidity: 100%

Wind: SE - 25 KPH