Britain's Boris Johnson says 'not too late to save Brexit'

Jul 18, 2018

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May plans to address lawmakers from her Conservative Party in an attempt to ease tensions after a series of close votes in the House of Commons underscored the fragility of her government

Japan OKs 1st anti-smoking law, but seen as lax and partial

Jul 18, 2018

Japan approves 1st national smoking ban inside public facilities, but measure excludes many restaurants and bars

The Latest: Johnson says it's not too late save Brexit

Jul 18, 2018

Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson implored fellow lawmakers not to abandon Brexit, urging them to remember the initial enthusiasm for a sharp break from the European Union

UK investigators probe Russian access to Facebook data

Jul 18, 2018

British authorities looking into inappropriate use of data gathered by political consultant Cambridge Analytica from millions of Facebook users say some of the systems that accessed the material appear to be in Russia or a group of former Soviet states

Rock icon Cliff Richard wins UK High Court privacy case

Jul 18, 2018

British rock icon Cliff Richard has won his privacy case against the BBC for its coverage of a police raid at his home

UK rate hike in doubt after weak inflation figures

Jul 18, 2018

Official figures show that consumer price inflation across the U.K. was unchanged in the year to June, a lower than anticipated outcome that may temper some expectations that the Bank of England will raise interest rates next month

Japan, EU sign trade deal to eliminate nearly all tariffs

Jul 18, 2018

The European Union and Japan signed a pact that will eliminate nearly all tariffs on products they trade in an ambitious deal that runs counter to Trump's moves to hike US tariffs

UK's May faces down revolt over Brexit trade bill

Jul 17, 2018

The official group that campaigned for Britain's exit from the European Union at the 2016 EU referendum has been fined and referred to the police for breaking electoral law

The Latest: UK's May halts revolt over Brexit trade bill

Jul 17, 2018

British Prime Minister Theresa May faced down rebellion over her plans for the country's exit from the European Union, with lawmakers rejecting a key amendment on a Brexit trade bill

Defense contractor Raytheon reaffirms its commitment to UK

Jul 17, 2018

Defense contractor Raytheon has reaffirmed its commitment to Britain amid ongoing political turmoil connected to its upcoming departure from the European Union

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