ENai intelligent brick-moving-A safe and reliable encrypted digital currency quantization transaction platform

ENai is an interest arbitrage program of the third party: It adopts block chain to move bricks and conduct hematopoiesis.

April 1, 2020 /PressReleaseAgency/ —

Quantization is the search for events with high possibility, but transaction is investment behavior based on possibility data. After making business strategy, filter some analysis index (factor) that is effective to business decision with mathematical statistics of information, then use these factors to build up mathematical model of business strategy. Using of historical commercial data to conduct regression testing is to verify model effectiveness and confirm weight of each quantative factor. Finally, use quantative model to catch commercial opportunities and conduct investment transaction.

In essence, transaction robot is a software program, which can directly interact with financial transaction (usually it uses API to acquire and explain related information) and represent it to place a transaction order basing on explanation of transaction program. Market data These robots will make decisions through supervising market price trend and responding a group of pre-built programmed rules. Usually, transaction robots will analyze market behaviors, such as transaction quantity, orders, price and time, meanwhile, it can program generally according to its own preferences.

Definition of ENai

ENai is an interest arbitrage program of the third party: It adopts block chain to move bricks and conduct hematopoiesis, by using digital currency price difference theory, it proceeds exchange interest margin by the way of hedging (without time difference) synchronization and moving bricks (with time difference) first-in last-out in ethernet chain (block chain) to automatically buy and sell currency interest margin!

As a whole, ENai is an intelligent brick moving quantization transaction system, and ENai has satisfied requirements of most investors, also, it will be updated according to change of environment. The system has completed spot transaction of multiple exchanges in it and solved transaction problems; With 24-hour ongoing automatic coverage, it has multiple exchanges and multiple currencies; Hedging strategy of each market is managed separately with simple operation. Meanwhile, transaction data statistic is simple with transparency, so you don't need too much financial knowledge, also, you need not to worry about transacting too much digital asset for complete control.

The difference between ENai and other exemplary cases

Today we are going to know the difference between ENai and other exemplary cases.

First one ,ENai is far different from packaging hematopoiesis of 2 platforms (5 big boards). Actual public hematopoiesis, hedging transaction time and publicity of brick moving coding program purely belong to capital flow technology, which will change with market price. Only there are requirements, transactions and price difference, there is benefit. You don't need to introduce friends to invest and get commission, it is pure programmed interest arbitrage, which can check for currency increase degree!

Second,Exemplary case of hematopoiesis has nonuniqueness, where the price difference is, there is benefit. Engineer team will continuously develop and research platform and market for accessible interest arbitrage, so it belongs to sustainable development. (pure capital flow operation mode)

Through learning and adjusting good investment mentality, you can run before others to analyze and operate hematopoiesis profitability and reasonable system.

In-out capital is safe and the legal cash will flow the company to arrive accounts, besides, receipt counterfoil can guarantee the self-equity. Furthermore, ENai is operating legally, the company owns American MSB license (global authorized digital currency finance service license), which is not the cash conversion of wallet currency, so it represents that there is no currency inflation or bubblization! ENai will directly help you to integrate money in cash flow company through currency exchange, and cash arrival should be in 24HR (it will not lead to decreasing of profitability caused by problem of currency depreciation)

How to relate ENai full-automatic intelligent robot?

Log in ENai account, set API parameters, then bind API of all the exchanges with one-key, the robot will start 7*24 hours’ full-automatic intelligent transaction to earn dollars, USDT, BTC, ETH and other mainstream currencies for users.

Ensure user investment and profit security

Seeing from the system, EN system is mutually matched with hematopoiesis function; Secondly,, it regards on EN profitability function. At present, EN has no foam. The most fundamental function of EN is making intelligent transaction robot. Self-algebra of transaction robot for interest arbitrage of currency price difference will not draw principal commission proportion, and overall operation is within reasonable scope. Next, it is the group situation. Most are active users in the platform, so the funding is stable at present. In time of crash, profit will reduce slightly, but the funding is still fast, therefore, EN capital pool is distributed and managed reasonably; Then, it is the approached people number and development. Retail investors of EN are multiple without access of teams, so encountering collapse of some financial systems, users need capital and their profit distributed funding, which is very normal. Also, it will not lead to capital loss or platform foam caused by funding teams. Seeing from platform funding, user flow of profit groups, ENai platform is very safe and reliable. Relatively, EN itself is a pure capital flow platform, and its stability is enough. Currently, the outside world has disloyal attack to damage reputation of EN , however, under real running of market, the gossip must collapse of itself.

Now the epidemic of global novel coronavirus is serious, how does ENai exemplary case promote in the global?

It is originally estimated that global tour explanation session will be started in first half year of 2020, because of the novel coronavirus, it has been changed to conduct global explanation session on Jul. 14th of second half year in Macao as the first station.

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