Chain to the future: How does Cannabis Sativa Chain Empowers the Traditional Industrial Hemp Industry

Aug 9, 2020

Industrial hemp is hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3%. The fiber can play a role in the field of textile building materials. Its seeds can be refined, the flowers and leaves can be eaten directly, or processed into concentrates; the extract CBD can be added to food, cosmetics, medicines, etc. It is becoming a new element of FMCG. Since 2017, many countries have legalized medical industrial hemp, and the wave of legalization of industrial hemp has spread all over the world. According to the latest report of New Frontier Data, the global industrial hemp retail market reached US$3.74 billion in 2018. By 2020, it is expected to increase to US$5.73 billion. It is predicted that the potential global industrial hemp market will exceed US$500 billion.
Based on the global development boom of the industrial hemp industry, Singapore CVB Foundation uses its own technological advantages to link various port industries in the complete industrial hemp industry chain, including: industrial hemp cultivation, extraction, processing, finished product sales, investment Related companies in financing and other links have jointly created the world's first application public chain based on the industrial hemp ecology: Cannabis Sativa Chain, which empowers the traditional industrial hemp industry through the "full industry chain + blockchain", thereby promoting the forward development of the global industrial hemp industry.

Cannabis Sativa Chain is very different from the traditional public chain. Its core competitiveness lies in the bottom layer, which has served the real economy since its inception. Cannabis Sativa Chain addresses the pain points of the global industrial hemp industry: inability to trace the source, difficulty in payment, difficulty in financing related companies, and difficulty in tracking products, it builds a transparent and traceable supply chain system-here, it can not only solve the payment of industrial hemp ecology , traceability, financing and other issues, to achieve safe payment, data on-chain, asset on-chain, and tokenization of valuable assets, it can also establish a distributed point-to-point trust network for the industrial hemp ecology and create a complete legal industrial hemp closed-loop ecology system.
Cannabis Sativa Chain is not only to achieve technological empowerment and standardize the industrial hemp industry in the complete ecological chain of industrial hemp, but also to join hands with more outstanding industrial hemp companies to explore the development of the digital economy and promote the ecological development of the global industrial hemp industry. Develop the imagination space for the future development of other industrial ecological empowerment cooperation, thereby creating the maximum profit of the industry.
As more and more countries promote the legalization of industrial hemp, there are more related traditional enterprises will join the industrial hemp ecological industry chain in the future to arrange planting, processing, testing, sales and other links. Cannabis Sativa Chain will also help more enterprises to protect product quality and increase operational sales, through technology empowerment, link value, kinetic energy conversion, jointly build a blockchain community with a shared future in self-innovation.


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