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Aug 9, 2020

Strange stone, refers to the natural formation of unusual shape of stone, its material, shape, color and pattern is unusual, can meet people's curiosity or aesthetic habits, can be used to watch and play, such as China's four wonderful stones :" Dongpo Meat Stone "," Years "," Chinese Eagle "," Chicken shell ". Strange stone in the history of our country is also called strange stone, pictograph stone, elegant stone, supply stone, case stone, several stone, play stone, skillful stone, ugly stone, interesting stone, precious stone, strange stone, solitary stone, etc. In a broad sense, any natural stone with ornamental value can be called strange stone.

This collection is: dragon grain strange stone this thing strange, the moral is profound, the old saying has: flying dragon in the sky * see adult, flying dragon in the sky from "Zhou Yi Qian hexagram "95 lines, the original text is" flying dragon in the sky, see adult "* means long Feiteng in the air, means a gentleman has a lot to do. At the same time, the ancient dragon represents the symbol of the emperor, in the Chinese dragon as a god, the Chinese people also known as the descendants of the dragon. The value of this thing is incalculable, has the great collection value, the moral is also profound.

The ancients said :" The mountain without stone is strange, water without stone is not clear, garden without stone not show, room without stone not elegant ." Also said :" appreciate stone clear heart, appreciate stone pleasant person, appreciate stone puzzle, appreciate stone pottery feeling, appreciate stone longevity ." Natural stone is a natural art, is the spirit of nature, the wonders of nature, is the nature of all mankind's precious wealth. It is an independent scene, a natural painting, a scene a poem, a stone a world, draw a picture of people's life, compose the music of natural beauty. This collection is naturally formed, carved and washed by nature, unique stone shape, bright stone color, fine stone quality, beautiful texture patterns, with a certain appreciation and collection Tibetan value, economic value is extremely high. During the feudal era of China, the dragon —— this ancient imaginary animal, which was further endowed with mysterious colors and strange functions. For thousands of years, the dragon became the symbol of the founding of the Chinese nation and the symbol of the long history, splendid culture and ancient civilization of the Chinese nation. The Chinese nation has always been "the descendant of the dragon" and proud of it. This collection is a rare collection


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