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Aug 9, 2020

The values of 50 and below are called "Xianfeng heavy treasure ", which is higher than that of 50, which is called" Xianfeng Yuanbao ", which is different from "Xianfeng Tongbao ". Although Xianfeng heavy treasure is a low-valued variety in Xianfeng big money, it is also the most concerned and devoted to collecting and appreciating coins since ancient times because of the early casting time and wide circulation area. In many Xianfeng big money, should recommend Xianfeng heavy treasure as 15 coins as the most. Xianfeng was the climax of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolutionary movement. At this time the people boil, the Qing government financial constraints, treasury deficit. Make a big deal on coin casting, turn the financial crisis Marry to the common people. One after another casting "Xianfeng Tongbao "," Xianfeng heavy treasure "," Xianfeng Yuanbao" and other kinds of coins. Xianfeng first cast "Xianfeng Tongbao" money

Because of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolutionary movement and the outbreak of the Opium War. Money bureau casting money has been difficult to carry out normally, many provincial money bureau is actually in the state of stop casting, even if the casting, but also jerry-building. As a result, Xianfeng Tongbao made less fine money, and more shoddy, mostly inferior and light, or iron money, lead money instead of copper money. In the first year of Xianfeng, it was stipulated that the money should weigh one yuan and two points, and to Xianfeng for two years, it became one money, but most of the cast money was lighter than the specified weight. "Xianfeng Tongbao" written mostly regular script, back full text bureau name: Baoyuan, Baoquan, Baohe, Baode, Baodong, Baoyi, Baoji, Baoji

Xianfeng heavy treasure ", diameter :3.902 cm weight :14.1 g the front of the coin engraved with the word "Xianfeng heavy treasure ", the handwriting is strong and powerful. View its cast body, cast regular, edge circle profile, flat seal, through the edge of clean, excellent casting, but also show the depth of the character straight, neat addition. Product appreciation of its Qian Wen, can be seen Xianfeng heavy treasure unique font end beautiful bright, very resistant to appreciation, Xianfeng heavy treasure has been regarded by collectors as priceless regional regime to issue money is also quite short, plus the circulation of small areas, The cast money is valuable. In addition, due to the change in banknotes, copper currency circulation is less, so the price is also higher. Ancient coins In addition to the Qing Dynasty, the back is mostly smooth, there are also a few star lines, moon lines, four lines, auspicious moire lines, Ruique lines and other special marks and words indicating money supervision, casting age. This kind of coin is much more expensive than the back of the smooth surface, the front cast regular script "Xianfeng heavy treasure" from top to bottom and right and left straight reading, money back up and down written in Chinese "when ten" two words, left and right with the full text to write the name of the money bureau. This Xianfeng heavy treasure version is relatively high-grade, the handwriting is clear and deep handsome, the copper quality is excellent, the casting worker is fine, the pulp is thick and warm, the font is clear and dignified, the stroke is round and neat, rare incomparable, this collection is worth collecting more valuable appreciation space.


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