The Future Has Come, Artificial Intelligence in Jiangbei

Aug 9, 2020

The concept of “artificial intelligence” was put forward for the first time in 1956, launching the rapid development of artificial intelligence science for a good half century. Obscure words such as machine learning, pattern recognition and neural network keep coming into people’s view.

Artificial intelligence is not only a reform at the technical level; in the future, it will synchronize with major social and economic reforms, ideological and cultural reform and reform of other aspects, and become a core driving force for new industrial revolution.

Currently, artificial intelligence industry has become a strategic emerging industry that appears all of a sudden, which is being rapidly distributed everywhere. New infrastructure taking artificial intelligence as the representative technology has also become one of the hot topics discussed by representatives of NPC and CPPCC in 2020.

Jiangbei New Area, a new industrial leading position of artificial intelligence is rising.

In July, 2017, China Center for Information Industry Development signed an agreement with Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing over the joint construction of China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Base, which will grow into the only national artificial intelligence innovation base in Jiangsu province.

In the same year, Nanjing Municipal People’s Government formed its spatial pattern of industrial development for artificial intelligence industry. In the future, “two centers, three districts and one demonstration” will be formed. One of the two centers is Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Hub in Jiangbei New Area, pushing forward the development of the artificial intelligence industry by focusing on industries such as integrated circuit, beidou navigation satellite system, rail transport, medical equipment and new energy automobile.

In July, 2018, Jiangbei New Area entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, planning to set up Nanjing Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center in its Research and Development Park. This innovation center is dedicated to the scientific cooperation and commercialization of achievement in fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, and smart city, so as to achieve industrial and talent agglomeration, lead industrial development, and further assist the rapid development of city of chips in Jiangbei New Area.

In January, 2019, Nanjing University and Jiangbei New Area set up Institute of Artificial Intelligence Biomedicine jointly. This institute is located in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley of Jiangbei New Area. It is dedicated to building the first institute of artificial intelligence biomedical technology in the world, pushing forward the industrialized application of artificial intelligence technology to the biomedical field and improving the industrial competitiveness and global competitiveness of Nanjing municipality and Jiangbei New Area in the field of medical health.

In July 2nd, 2019, Nanjing Municipal People’s Government proposed that artificial intelligence industrial development should be developed as an industrial landmark that was the best in the province, among the top three in China and bearing the greatest influence in the world. Jiangbei New Area will give play to the advantage of integrated circuit in terms of its industrial foundation, lay emphasis on pushing forward the research, development and industrialized development of artificial intelligence sensors and chips and constructing a city of chips and demonstration area of artificial intelligence application in China.

 As the latest industrial development wave, artificial intelligence is bound to push forward industrial and urban development. A brand new future led by artificial intelligence is at your beck and call.



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